Why have a great office?

It might seem like a crazy question, but when you look at the costs involved in creating a nice office, you may ask how it's justifiable. 

Well there are two short answers. Productivity and image.

Quite simply, a team in a nice office take more pride in their work, feel more important and will be more efficient. Cluttered offices can clutter minds, so a clean, minimal and modern office can have a huge positive impact on workers.

Also, clients will never fail to be impressed by a cool office. It could genuinely be the extra bit you need to nail that big contract. Think about it. A client who works into a tired office is going to have that impression of the people in it. A client walks into a dynamic and modern office, and they'll assume the workers inside compliment the office and are modern. 

What makes a great office?

A number of things. Like all good design it should be functional and offer the people using the space the best value. Ultimately the office should be functional and look good. 

It should also be unique. Many offices look the same and create a lack of individuality. 

How do I build a great office for a reasonable price?

1. Look around this blog for inspirations. At least it can give you an idea of a specific style you wish to pursue. 

2. Look on interior design websites and review sites for things like office chair reviews and desk reviews

3. Buy what you need an put it in!

What should I spend?

That really depends on your circumstances but we would advise you to remember this. A greta office is an investment. A long term one. So don't look at it as money wasted. Break down the cost and divide it over 6 years or however long you're likely to keep tit the same and then think of how much on top of that you could make profit thanks to the benefits a great office brings!


This is a quick intro into why we love office interiors so much and we hope that as we update this site it will inspire people to create great office spaces.

You could argue all day long about what makes a great office but as is always the case, you need to find what suits you and your business to benefit the most.